Why hire Jeff Haslam Photography as your Wedding Photographer?

Good cameras are common, good photographers are not. Anyone can

click a shutter, but not everyone has the talent, passion and experience

to bring to life that most magical day in your life.  It requires a keen eye,

knowledge and talent to capture and record those precious memories.

Everyone has a friend (or a relative) who has a nice camera and wants to shoot your wedding. If you have a friend that owns a good camera,

let them enjoy your event. They can even practice their hobby,

just leave those extraordinary memories to be captured by one who

has vast understanding of wedding events. That way, as the years go by, you will have the pictures that will bring back those memories.

I photograph  between 40 and 60 weddings per year, covering all

of Utah, with weddings in Mexico, Hawaii and the West coast.

You have planned and spent a fair amount of money on flowers, dresses and all of the things that make a wedding memorable. Do you really want to leave your photography to someone with less experience?

Jeff Haslam

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Utah Wedding Photography specializing in Photojournalistic style of Wedding Photography. Location Wedding Photography, Cancun, Hawaii and West Coast.




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